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Israel Adventure & Cultural Tour

March 2023

If you have been to Israel, and would like to experience more…Then I invite you to join me on a small and intimate trip where I will show you some of my favorite, off-the-beaten path places. It will a time of getting in touch with the Land and culture of Israel, fellowship and a lot of fun! With 3000 years of history and 74 years of modern statehood, there is so much to see! Let me take you to some of my favorite out-of-the-way places. 



Experience Shabbat

Jeep Trip Golan Heights

Camp out in the desert

Picnic in the countryside

Explore the hidden places of the Old City

Stay at a Kibbutz & Hike the surrounding area

Greek Island Adventure & Cultural Tour

May 15-23, 2023

Greece is a place that brings me back to the basics. It is a place I feel free and incumbered, close to nature, to the what is most important in life, and full of inspiration. I would like to share this experience with you. I have put together a small and intimate trip that includes three islands as well as the mainland. We will enjoy the sea, relaxation, charming villages, history, Greek music and cuisine, a cooking class, hiking and meeting the local people and artisans. 









Join a travel community of like-minded people who love to explore the world and experience the most from life. Let’s come together in faith and fellowship to enjoy culture, nature, cuisine, history, and the “beautiful aspects” of life.  

Weaving together trips, which mark lasting impressions, and cultivate friendship, faith, joy, purpose and connection, is our calling. 

Travel Information & Tips

A valid passport, which is good for up to six months from the time of your departure, is required to travel outside the United States. Citizens of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada do not need to obtain a visa to visit Israel. 

No vaccinations are required to visit Israel at this time. If you have received Covid vaccinations, please have records in your phone.  

A list of your hotels, including telephone numbers, will be sent to you along with your air ticket number and flight itinerary, approximately three weeks prior to your departure.  

Your name and passport are all that you need to check in and obtain your air ticket at the airport. A flight itinerary along with your ticket number or reservation number will be sent to you approximately three weeks prior to your departure.  It is recommended that you arrive at the airport no later than three hours prior to flight time. If you are connecting with another flight, please make sure you have enough connection time in between flights. 

The airline allows each traveler to check one suitcase, not exceeding 50 lbs. You will be charged over weight if your bag is over this limit. You are also allowed one carry-on bag.  Be sure to put identification on the outside and inside of your luggage.  Luggage tags will be provided by TTB with your information kit.

Casual attire and sportswear are recommended for all touring days. You may wish to pack a semi-dressy outfit for evenings. Take a sun hat, sunglasses, notebook, and sunscreen. Even in the warm summer months Jerusalem can be cool in the evenings. We suggest you take along a jacket that matches your vacation wardrobe. Check climate chart. Best tip: Take along comfortable walking shoes and pack light. If you have forgotten to pack something don’t fret as you can purchase what you need in Israel.


  • Roll, don’t fold – it takes less space and less prone to wrinkle.
  • Take neutral colors and pack pieces that mix and match.
  • Buddy Packing – If you are traveling with a family member consider packing half of each of your belongings in each other’s bag. This way if one of the bags were not to arrive you each have half of your belongings. 
  • Resist packing full-size products.
  • Avoid Pickpockets. Gentlemen keep your wallet in your front pocket or purchase a money belt. Ladies, a long shoulder strapped purse that you can where across your body is great for comfort and security.


When visiting religious sites within Israel, you are required to wear modest clothing. Please check with your guide to see if any religious sites will be included in the itinerary on the days you would like to wear shorts or sleeveless tops. This applies to both men and women. If you plan to dress “light,” it will be helpful to carry a large scarf or jacket to cover up when need be.

Electrical current in Israel is 220 volts/50 cycles.  For most computers, cell phones, tablets and cameras, you will NOT need a converter. You will need a round two-pronged adapter that will fit into electrical sockets in Israel. You will not be able to plug in your chargers without an adapter.  Adapters are sold on Amazon and at most Target stores and hardware stores. Look for ones where you can charge two-three devices in one outlet. You will need to make sure your appliances can work at 220 voltages, (few hair dryers do). If you wish to take hair styling electronics, look on Amazon.com for dual voltage items. Hotels will  provide hair dryers.

Be sure to check with your wireless phone service regarding international calls and how to avoid unwanted charges. Verizon Wireless has an Int’l Plan with no fee unless you use your phone, and if you do it will not exceed $10.00 per day. For unlimited calls to the U.S. and Israel (at a flat rate) you may purchase a SIM card for your own phone. We also suggest that you download WhatsApp to your phone so that you can talk free with those with the same app anywhere in the world, providing that you both are connected to Wi-Fi. We will have Wi-Fi on the bus. The best time to reach you would be early morning or evening. Remember the time difference (depending on daylight savings) is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

Call your credit cards in advance to let them know when and where you will be traveling. This will ensure the credit card company will not flag any of your vacation purchases as possible fraudulent and leave your credit card unusable. Ask your credit card if there are international transaction fees. Make copies of important travel documents including your passport, credit cards and leave them with a relative, or take pictures of them in your phone.

U.S. currency, Visa and MasterCard are gladly accepted at most stores and restaurants throughout Israel. If you wish to convert U.S. dollars into Israeli shekels you may do so upon arriving at the airport in Israel while waiting for your luggage (there are banks inside the terminal), at your hotel, or at any bank in Israel. Often when you pay in dollars you will receive your change in Israeli currency. In order to not end up with a lot of local currency, you may wish to take a number of $1.00 and $5.00 bills. The Shekel is approximately 3.25 NIS to the U.S. dollar.

Frequent flyer upgrades cannot be used in conjunction with group airfares. If you do have a Mileage Frequent Flyer Account with the airline we are traveling with, you may receive mileage credit for your flight to Israel.  Be sure to list your number on your tour registration form.

The sequence of our day-to-day itinerary may be altered if need be. 

Travel Insurance is mandatory to travel to Israel. To make sure you are covered for any unforeseen medical treatment abroad or trip delay, please check out the links that will be sent to you upon registering for the tour. If you sign up within 10 days from the time you have made your initial deposit, there may be a waver that protects you for pre-existing conditions. There are different coverage plans available that insure lost luggage, travel delays and more. We recommend Travel Guard as a reputable company. Compare insurance plans hereNote,Tours Through The Book Agent #126752.


TEL AVIV 49-66
DEAD SEA 53-72









As published by the Israel Ministry of Tourism